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Explore the Latest Work from Michael Menchaca, Now Display at Ruiz-Healy Art

Catch the incredible solo exhibition from one of San Antonio’s sharpest, most nuanced artistic minds, Michael Menchaca, now on display at the Ruiz-Healy Art gallery! This captivating show, entitled Vignettes from San Antonio, features mixed-media collages, works on paper, and a wallpaper mural by Menchaca that embody his signature and celebrated style.

A San Antonio native, Menchaca is known to juxtapose images from popular culture with Mesoamerican iconography. Vignettes from San Antonio is a new series of work that is inspired by the artist's hometown, and presents his latest explorations in artistic form. His show features both small and large collage works that speak to the cultural landscape of San Antonio and correspond with the city’s celebration of its tricentennial anniversary. Highlighting such iconic San Antonio scenes as Easter weekend at Brackenridge Park, the campus at San Antonio College, and the Battle of Flowers Parade, Menchaca expands his personal codex to include San Antonio specific iconography while creating the witty combination of the profound with the crude that is a style all his own. The show is definitely worth seeing in person, so make sure you check out Vignettes from San Antonio at the Ruiz-Healy Art gallery!

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Event Time/Date:
Wednesday, April 11, 2018—11:00 AM

Event Venue Location:
Ruiz-Healy Art
201-A East Olmos Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78212

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